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Ooo, I love this modern re-telling of the story. The paragraph that started "During the night..." was a little confusing to be because it started with me thinking she was feeling hopeful, and then changed directions. Otherwise well-done. Great story.
This is a beautiful story of love the way it should be, the way God loves us.
This is an awesome story. It was really moving when you described her cold and hunger. Very good job. And then when her husband came - oh, melted my heart:)
You described the hopelessness of the homeless perfectly...and then the hope of perfect love. Awesome!
Great writing.

I always marvel at the exquisite details you choose to include.

The second sentence in the second paragraph threw me off. I didn't think it fit the harshness you were trying to convey.

Sigh. When he found her?...beautifully, lovingly portrayed. Sigh.
I wondered where this story was taking place: "coppers" and "motorcars" suggest outside the United States, or perhaps sometime in the past; I would have liked a clue. A very minor point in a great well written love story.
Beautiful details and a wonderful retelling.
Captivating writing. I enjoyed reading this story.
This brought tears to my eyes. Sharon, it was just lovely.
It wasn't until the end of the story that I knew who this was about. Well done!
The way you presented this story of redemption through love was beautiful; and yes, romantically complete.
Yay, You, dear. :)
Very well done!!
Beautiful story and a creative re-telling. I love your phrasing and word choices which add richness and depth. Congrats on your win.
Very,very nice.