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Great voice for your MC. I actually began to like "Old Stupid" by the end. Fun story.
This was great. I love the voice of you MC and his sense of humor. Great story!
Great story.

A couple of minor details:

I think the phrase is: "I haven't borne…"and "backed over him."

I am sorry the cat died under such circumstances, but hey, this is fiction (I think) and it's a great story. I loved this line especially: “I would love to go on a flower safari with you. I hear the Lions don’t lose over there.” The play on words and their meaning was A-one.
This was so fun. My husband says: "Please forgive me, I'm just a stupid man!" Most men don't think this is funny, but it goes a long way on their "account".
Great dialogue. I'm looking forward to discovering the gender of the author. And, yeah, I too loathe flower shows. And cats. BUt, hey, I'm stupid...
OOPS. Serious Oops, leaving sexist comments while logged in as my wife. It was me, honest. My sweetheart likes flowers and wishes that I bought her more. Definitely stupid, her husband.
My favorite line was "I stood silent in the wake of her soul." It added a sober undertone to the light-hearted humor.
Darling interactions between husband and wife and husband and God. Anyone who can tell a story so well is far from stupid! :) Just struggling to get inside the impenetrable (even to us) brain of a woman.
I really liked this guy. Great characterization for both husband and wife. Excellent story, well told!
Um...adore this. My saying has always been "Boys are stupid and girls are trouble." What a great sense of humor. The MC's voice flowed very well. Worth the time to read!!
This had me laughing all the way through. Brilliant, brilliant voice! Loved it. A well deserved EC.
And yes, it's me this time, not my flower-hating-but-definitely-not-stupid husband.
I see you back in the game, SirWilliam- This is great and congratulations on your EC - so well deserved. Loved the voice.
Very clever, authentic voice and excellent use of humor. Smile~Smile~Smile

I just love it! Congratulations!
This is the "bomb". Don't know why I'm using that term, just wanted to try it out. Seems it gets used alot by my grandsons when referring to something they absolutely love. Guess that's why it came to mind!
This is a very creative story with some entertainment to boot. Congrats on your third place win...nice reading your work again. Blessings, Jo
Fantastic. This line "I stood silent in the wake of her soul" was just... wow. I don't even know how to say it, it just totally made the MC lovable - stupid still, but squeezable, kissable, lovable. I loved the dialogue, the thoughts, the flow. Perfect. Big, big congrats.
Good come-back Sir William! Absolutely loved this read. It rings so true...the mark of a very good writer.
LOVED the voice. And the great one-liners throughout. SO deserved.