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I very much enjoyed this beautiful picture of a nature-loving little girl and a wise, caring narrator in springtime.
This child is so "other-worldly" that I wondered if she were part of a dream or a vision. Really nice.
So gentle that I had to shut out all sound as I read. Very special. Gave me a tear and a smile.
You really captured the heart and emotion of Butterfly Girl. Loved this!
O, how sweet. Was she real? Awesome story:) Wow!
A sweet and tender rendering of a child's heart.
Just lovely. A delicate, gentle telling. Very fitting. :)
I really enjoyed this.
Can I say again that this is just lovely lovely lovely! Written with such grace and tenderness. Very sweet and touching.
I loved it all, but especially the last line, because I've found in life, that there are those that do just that. And, you've expressed oh so well!
Oooh, beautiful!! I almost wonder if she was a fairy-child. There's just that "thing" about her! Love this kind of story and so wonderfully done. I'm glad that they did bury the butterfly. loved all the details in this!
Congratulations on your EC. I loved this. Bitter-sweet and shot through with the purity and innocence of childhood. I'm so glad the MC chose not to teach about life and death, but to learn about them instead.
Congrats on your EC! Very lighthearted with great imagery.
Yay, Amy and Butterfly Girl! :)
Excellent word picture. The little girl was so real and God's creation so evident. You can feel the tender spirit in this story.
An "End" -summer's night dream. My son thinks I am a little wierd because I always notice the interesting bugs in my garden and want to take their pictures. I especially love butterflys and the spiritual meaning I have, (maybe other too) behing them. Thanks for your sweet story.