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Oh yes, an ipod is a must. Absolutely, completely entirely necessary. LOL. Fun piece!
Yes, that about sums it up!
If we are wise we'll let our youth throw their energy into worthy causes while they still believe they can change the world. It's those who have no such outlet whose energy so often gets misdirected into much more harmful activities. Nicely done!
"I'm not old enough to be taken seriously by the people who are in control, and I'm too old to be blissfully ignorant of the real issues going on around me."
GREAT LINE. ENjoyed your entry very much. Gald you decided to enter it. God bess.
Your MC has wise insight. You captured the angst (or is it bewilderment?) of teens very well.

Love the last line.
Wow... it would be difficult to process all those conflicting emotions, as well as a sense of responsibility for the problems of the world. You really help us empathize with this young woman who yearns to find her place in the world. Well done.