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Hehe, cute story. I was surprised Kent was so into her so fast, but he must have been eyeing her for a while, too. :-) Hilarious song. Is it real or did you make it up?
LOL! What a song, I'm glad that Kent liked her too and I'm glad her scheming friend was really good with her scheming, even if her singing was a bit off. I loved the line with being a bit screechy, but that it was a screechy kind of song. Heehee! What fun!
Didn't wash her cheek for six years? Is that realistic? It doesn't paint a very romantic picture. I like the opening lines. Very nice.
Very witty! I'm still smiling.
Excellent portrayal of teenage feelings and fears. True love... sigh...
You captured the MC's voice well. This is a very funny story.

I didn't take the cheek washing thing literally. Just something a teen would say. I remember that happened on the "Brady Bunch". LOL. Teen drama.

I'm glad Kent agreed to the date. :-) So sweet. Sigh....
I would not have taken the cheek washing literally either except the MC said, "and 6 years later I finally washed my cheek."

Best to stay away from cliches altogether, I think.