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I love the picture you painted with your words for this entry. You kept my interest from first to the last word.

Well done my FaithWriter friend. Well done!
Great descriptions, and I love the MC's voice. It took me quite a while to realize that he was actually a person (I suspected an angel for a bit)--and that definitely kept me intrigued. And definitely out of the box for the topic (but fitting!).
What a very creative and interesting story. You held my attention from start to finish. It needs a part 2; I want to know if Vincent finds out where the spiritual connection comes from.
I loved the character you created--definitely multidimensional.
Great writing showing how even the most seemingly brief, insignificant meeting or act of kindness can affect one's life for ever. It lingers there and can give us pause to smile - how strange, but how true as well.
What a story. You've covered a lot of time here, and the writing is vivid. I had to check to see if I was getting wet. ;0)

Love the ending. Very well done.
Wow, there's a lot in this story. Very well-written. I got slightly confused at times, but all the details were sorted out at the end.
The mood was portrayed very well here, I especially liked the stormy descriptions. I did get a bit confused as well, as to who was who and how they were connected. But I liked the AHA moment!
Some great descriptions and a lovely special pace to this read. Well done!
A very engaging story. I felt it a bit weak on topic, but the story is excellent nonetheless. Maybe if you had more words to work with it would be less confusing. Definitely a story you could expand on.
SirWilliam! My favorite "long-lost" writer is back, and with another character-full story. (And, I think it fits the topic beautifully---those vivid teen years' memories can haunt us all our lives.) I hope you're getting this one published, or even expanded into a novel. It's great.