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ROFL! I was wondering if there would be a story like this, this week. Heehee, what a riot. It took me a moment to get, but when I did? Hoo boy! Hilarious! Great job here! and I totally agree, always have a happy. ^_^
I didn't get it until the end, and then I figured it out. I've never heard it called that. It's so true how guys always tend to be out of the giggling fits. My sisters and Mom and I are always getting the giggles about something and poor Daddy sits there with a puzzled, bemused look.
Funny piece. When I saw the title, I figured what it would be about. Can't stand that commercial. What's so happy about "cousin"? LOL. Good work.
Great fun!I enjoyed this very well written story all the way through.
This is so true of the many giggling fits I had with my friends. I don't believe in karma, but you'll have to file me away with Marcus, as I've also missed its thrust.
I wouldn't be a teenager again for anything, thank you very much! Excellent job on this story.
You know, I had to Google your title to get the joke. lol. It's way too funny now. Great job. Hysterical even. God bless.
Great job. As a youth pastor who takes teens on long trips, I've overheard similar conversations. Well written!
Oh, I am SOOO out of the loop on this one! I'll have to Google, too, to figure this out. But you did a great job portraying a conversation between teenagers!