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Lots of truth packed into this nice little poem. I think we all have been there. Thank God he let us escape. God bless.
I think you've neatly packaged every question and emotion teenagers have to deal with. You write so effortlessly and your meter is perfect. I found myself tapping my fingers on my desk as I read and it was such a smooth and perfect exercise. What a great read by an exceptional writer!
You've expanded so well on the adolescent quest that is expressed in another, much-shorter poem: "I - Why?"
You well covered the various bases of adolescence. Your last stanza caused me to wonder about Jesus' teenage years. More than any of us he must surely have asked incredibly searching questions about who he truly was!
Some of these things I've yet to out grow! : ) It's hard to choose one stanza over another as being a favorite, but one in particular, I know Paul (from the Bible) struggled with it, too - he said something like why is that I do and say what I don't want to and yet don't do or say what I know I should? Sounds like this adolescence thing is one for the ages!
I've wondered that one about the messy bedroom many times, haha. Cute poem.
Great poem with a super look into the challenges of a teen's life. Very well written!
"Why is it when I try to show
Innate athletic grace,
I trip upon my growing feet
And fall upon my face?"

That line made me chuckle. As always, Verna, you've managed to write an entertaining poem with a message. Well done.
Very nice job of summarizing the teen experience! Well done.
You've captured what being a teen is...a lot of unanswered questions that they nor anyone else really know the answers to. It is brilliant that you write this piece in the form of questions. Just brilliant. Wish I had thought of that.
I can relate to that school verse. lol. well done!
Verna - this is so good to see : ) Congratulations, I so enjoy your poetry and your perseverance in writing it and sharing it with others!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win!!! I'm so proud of you I could pop!
Now I want you to win BOB next time around!!! You go, girl!!
You did a wonderful job on the Verna. Well done my friend, well done.
ooops, should have proof read before posting.... I meant to say: You did a wonderful job on THIS Verna.

Loose nut behind my keyboard this morning. :)
Woo Hoo, Verna!
Verna.... LOVE THIS! ....especially the line about the "national disgrace"! Super congrats on placing!!!