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What a perfect title for this topic!
Awww, poor thing. Loved the descriptions and of course, the title! Excellent piece.
Great title. I got a kick out of reading it. God bless.
This was hilarious! Loved it!
I usually pass by poems, but the title intrigued me and I had to read it. Excellent.
This humorous narrative poem is delightful from title to the end, and you nailed the topic. Great job!
Oh how cute! I guess we were all "fifteen" once and did silly things. I think I would have DIED if a boy had talked to me at that age. I disliked BOYS immensely. But I sure did stupid things, like buying Mom a special "candy dish" that I learned when I gave it to her that it was an "ash tray." Was my face red! Oh there are lots of things a 15 year old girl does that she wished could be wiped from her slate. But your experience "took the cake!"--or should I say, "ice cream." I guess you ate "humble pie" that night...Loved it...Helen
So much fun! Loved the title, too.
A perfect title and a fun read! And haven't we all been there in one way or another, bright red and wishing the ground would open and swallow us whole.
Loved the highs and lows. How did we survive them without God's grace?
Ha, this is great! Nice rythmn and rhyme, and great story.
Cute, cute, cute. Hope she learned her lesson ;-)
Oh, been there a time or two. You wrote this so well. It's sometimes hard to capture the essence of a story in rhyme. But, you did it. Great writing.
Oh how cute! I love the humor in your poem. It was good and described adolescence so well. Great writing!