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I feel wicked for laughing at the MC's distress, but this is one funny read!

Here's one to go with yours: A missionary colleague once felt something fall onto the bed in the night. Terrified it was a snake, he leapt out of bed, bundling the bed clothes into a roll as he went. He beat the living daylights out of the bedsheet with a broom for about 5 minutes.The he gingerly unfolded the parcel to find what he'd beaten to a pulp was their tied up mosquito net! He and wife spent half the night laughing!
Very funny but I feel the mc's pain. Excellent job in building up the suspense;)
Fantastically hilarious! Loved this...
INteresting--the MC screws up her courage and faces her fear, only to find that the object of the fear was a chirping cricket! I know that the Bible tells us to be not afraid, but I can't be sure that refers to mice, snakes or scorpions (my 2 most scary things to never run into in Tucson!)
I was caught up in the chase.

Masterful storytelling.

Paced perfectly.

I love the line ..."Here, he said, shoving a broom into my hand. If you see the mouse again, smack him with this.