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What a sad ending. The woman fell hard for a local and lost her true love.
I didn't expect that ending. I like that you didn't feel the need to have everyone live "happily ever after". A great lesson in this story too.
As someone of the male persuasion, I am not probably qualified to make this assessment ... but I sense this resonates deeply with feminine readers ...

I am still considering the human dynamics of these two women. This tells me that you did a remarkable bit of psychological writing.

Well done, well done, indeed.
I lived in Cyprus for five years and visited many of those places. My "romance" was a man called Andreas. I didn't stay to touch heaven every day. The relationship between the sisters was portrayed very understated and subtle.
So often that is the way it works isn't it? So subtly that you hardly notice; and then when you look back you see how far you've drifted, but the lull of the where you are makes it hard, if not next to impossible, to ever go back.
Good story. I was saddened by the ending, but it was fine because it was very realistic. Also liked the title.
OMgosh. Did I get caught up in this or what?? You romantic thing you! ;)

I love the many delicious details (swoon) and the dialogue between the sisters.
Good twist with this one, I was hoping it wouldn't end on that kind of sad note, but it worked out to fit the tone of this story. Good job.
I also thought this was a very good cautionary tale, Sharon dear. :) Well done!