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This was memsmerizing...lovely writing. However, wild horses could not have kept me from buying a print from the gift shop, but your ending was better;)Well done!
Beautiful story. I enjoyed reading this piece.
I loved everything about the story. Excellent job with the topic.

I am going to place this in my all-time favorites file.

From story concept to capturing the perfect pace of dialog, this piece was right on.

Favorite lines? "...But I was young and fanciful, and everything about the place—the carnival atmosphere, the pungent salty air, the distant boats on the water—seemed to hint at romantic possibilities. Never mind that real romantic possibilities (i.e., teenage boys) seemed under-represented at Coral Cove."
I would have bought the print! Great piece of writing!
This was so good I hardly know what to say! You're an exceptional writer, I hope you know that!! Big time kudos!!!
Very evocative writing, with a warm touch of self-deprecation on realising that the painting's subject attracted less interest than its background.
I really enjoyed this. You really drew me in as a reader. Great story line and awesome ending. (I definitely would have bought the print - only to have it end up in my next yard sale)
Great job!
Without doubt, an outstanding job of writing.
One great line after another!

“One morning, I got up at sunrise and put on my favorite sun dress: sapphire blue to match my eyes, splashed with yellow daffodils to complement my hair. The fitted bodice emphasized what little figure I had to emphasize.”

“We never talked about him, only about me—but I was young and narcissistic, and didn’t mind.”

“Naturally, I thought I loved him. Perhaps I did, a little bit.”—It sounds so authentic for this 51-year-old looking back at her 16-year-old self.

“‘Maybe you should go to Coral Cove,’ my husband teased. I had told him about Erick.”—An entire side story could replace this one line.

“Until then, an echo of my sixteen-year-old self would remain here, an archetype of summer.
It was enough.”

Oooo, reading the painting title and artist gave me goosebumps. In fact, I think that would have made a cool ending for the story right there. Great job.
Absolutely captivating. I loved that it didn't turn out the way a lot of those "summer loves" do.
Wonderful! I can see that painting very clearly. Great job.
A lovely story. There was a gentle innocence about it and I loved the ending.
What a beautiful story. Loved it from start to finish.
Love it! This reminds me a bit of Nicholas Sparks novels - romantic, day-dreamy, and comfortable. Congrats on your EC - wonderful job.
I love the twist! Totally unexpected and so sweet. And yeah.. I'd have bought a bunch of prints!
Congratulations on the well deserved EC. This had me captivated with the hint of romance, the dreamy promise of the holiday mood, and the unexpected twist.
A memory that stayed a memory - the writing so illusive and beautifully done. Congratulations on your EC win.
Isn't it sort of boring getting an EC almost every time? :) :) :)

Congrats to you, dear friend!
Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
Wonderful story. That hint of romance was just right.
I loved this story, job well done. For some reason I found myself in tears even though it wasn't sad. I guess just a bit reminiscent of summers past, and I found myself very nostalgic at reading this wonderful article. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.
Not surprising that this story earned you another win. Your words and phrases brought this story to life and urged me to read on. Loved the ending, but I, too would have wanted a print for myself. Congrats.