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Woohoo! Tormenting sisters and summer vacation seem to go together. Not so good for the sisters, though:( LOL. Nice story.
Ahhh...boys and water guns. You captured the scene well.
What more can I say but "that certainly was fun!"
Did I hear "Vengence is mine", saith the sisters? A sequel lurks in the summer breeze. Fun! Fun!
Too fun! I used to love playing games like that...only it was us girls sneeking up on the boys with water ballons. I love the way you captured this piece!
This story was a lot of fun to read! I look forward to "War Games 2: The Sisters Strike Back." :)
Good fun stuff here, though the suspense may have been slightly watered down ...
Oh fun!
Love it! I could picture my brothers doing something like this to me when we were kids! Fun story.
Lots of fun!
This was a great read! I had lots of sibling so I could relate. You're such a good writer! Beaucoup kudos!!!
Terrific writing. Loved every bit.
Nicely written. Makes me want to have a watergun fight.
Uh-oh. I'd hate to think of those guys with the sisters scheming all summer to get back at them. lol. cute and clever.
Very cool! The suspense and excitement build right to the end. I was thinking paintball, and I like that I was wrong when I read the ending. :)
Excellent writing! Very fun. Congratulations on your EC!
You took me to another place...childhood. Every word important and none wasted. Exceptional storytelling!
This was fun to read. We have 4 boys, no girls. I used to wish the last had been a girl till I thought of what her life would have been like with 3 big brothers! There is a wonderfully understated portrayal of the brother/sister relationship in your writing. Nice job!
In my schoolyard we girls fought back without the water guns. We just threatened to kiss those nasty boys and they ran like the wind—in the opposite direction.

Great story.