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I could hear, smell, taste, and see all that's described in this perfectly delightful poem of bydone days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Just simply charming, charming indeed ... you have a gift for taking a tight rhyming scheme and making it feel like free verse ... remarkable ...

I lived this line ..."This summer day we ride the wagon; Grandpa’s gathering hay.
We jump around so much that Grandpa sends us on our way."

Pure enjoyment.
What a lovely picture of a perfect summer day--that could also be a good title. Your description of all the things that go on on a farm setting was nostalgic of times I spent at my uncle's farm, or the very faint memories of when I was a wee girl, up in Northern Alberta, before we moved so Dad could get work...And I LOVE buttercups. My husband says they are weeds, but if so, they are heavenly weeds. I loved this poem--the rhythm, the rhyme, the theme, the presentation--all of it...Helen
You've made me homesick for summer days on the farm. Beautifully described, elegantly written.
Captivating and a delight to my senses. Wonderful.
Wonderful--like something I'd read in "Ideals" magazine.
Wonderful! You really captured summer with this poem!
This started out nicely, got better, and better. I want to go back there. Lovely.
You bring summer to life so well with this lovely, evocative poem. I enjoyed reading this!
Wonderful. I'm am not a big poetry fan, because I can't understand it, but I understood this one. You brought great summer memories to my mind.
Ohhh, lovely. And I especially like your title, it fits this piece so very well!
I'd sure love to visit this grandparents' home. Sounds so incredibly fun. This would make summer my favorite too.
I don't know that a young child would be familiar with Chopin's Polonaise (but maybe that was just a deficiency with my childhood). But other than that, I thought the fourth grader's voice was just right.
Steve, there are children's arrangements of Chopin's Polonaise. There are also summer concerts where children perform this number brilliantly. Here is one of many on YouTube:
(Unfortunately, I wasn't one who performed this number,(*grin*) but many other children have, which made them good summer concert performers for other kids who were out of school and could be inspired by them. Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it. :-)
Congratulations on placing with this charming poem. I love the nostalgia and love the warm fuzzies it give me, too. Two thumbs up!
Awww.... I miss my Grandparents now. Congratulations on your EC! This poem is really beatuful!
Just splendid! The MC's voice is just right. I really love this piece so very much.
CONGRATULATIONS! You warmed my heart, I, too, love the summer months.
Oh Mariane, you paint the most wonderful word pictures. It's obvious you are an artist as well as a wordsmith. And, I love your heavenly vision of summer (minus the simmering heat and bug bites that come with living under the curse of sin and death, one reason Autumn and even Winter are among my more-favorite seasons, ha!). Congratulations on your win, too!
I loved, loved, loved this. It's deserving of an editor's choice award. You really outdid yourself with this. Congratulations. (I love summer and this is just so...summery :o)
This sent me back in longing for those summer vacations on the farm. Well done.
Gorgeous - the smells, the flowers, the feelings under my bare feet. I love it! Congrats, this poem is truly a winner.
The voice in this poem is as charming as the picture it paints. What a wonderful job! Congratulations!
Oh Mariane! What a delight! You've taken me on a trip back in time to visiting my 'substitute' grandparents on their Hoosier farm so many years ago. No wonder you placed in editors' choice with this wonderful piece! Congratulations. This poem
is precious and powerful in the most heartwarming way.