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Oh, I can definitely see this happening! There's one in every nursing home and I enjoyed reading this believable account.
I was just reading along, feeling sorry for Melville when WHAM! right between the eyes. I love it.
Great writing descriptions. I could see the scenes unfold plus love the ending.
Very well done. I could just "see" the scene unfold...and the ending was great!
Heh, heh. So much fun here and a great end. Didn't expect it at all, even though I know how sly some of these cute old devils can be.
Just terrific! What an entertaining piece--you did a great job.
Oh Wow! I wasn't expecting that ending. What a sly old man...he has almost everyone fooled. Very believable characters.
My mom was in a facility like this for 16 years so this is familiar territory to me! You did a great job, lending humor and excellent writing to the entry.
LOL! Poor Roderick. I bet there's much more to this piece than can fit in a mere 750 words! I loved this, it had me laughing when I got to the end and realized the same thing, So Melville's got Dementia, eh? LOL. Funny characters-very well done!
I was feeling bad for Melville until the end. LOL. What a great story!
Great entry...great ending....well written
Great entry. Superb ending.

Just occasionally when I hear people moaning about how 'young people have no respect for the elderly these days' it crosses my mind that not all the elderly are saints! Such cantankerous behaviour as you portrayed here doesn't deserve to be respected regardless of the age of the person. It isn't P.C. to say such things, so thumbs up to you for writing this!