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Oh, what fun! From the title to the last glimpse, this is full of wit and charm. Superb it!
This was great. It makes me feel that I will never be too old to be young at heart. Wonderful, wonderful story.
What a great way to weave this pop culture book(s) into the lives of elderly romantics! There's just enough tongue and cheek to keep those vampires in their proper place. And your wit is fantastic. Great piece.
The book/movie "Twilight" was based on a location in my neck of the woods and you have perfectly captured the enraptured mood in a most fun and entertaining way. Thanks for the chuckle!
And you had me at
"Quaint quiet quilting bucket of love." This story is such fun! I'd love to read a whole book of these characters and their adventures.
I can tell that this is going to be a popular read with a lot of American readers. However as a displaced Brit I struggled to follow what was going on - most of the colloquialisms and the cultural allusions left me befuddled. (I did at least manage to get the Twilight reference.) So almost certainly a fun, lively, engaging composition but, you know, two nations separated by a common language and all that!
Your title drew me in and I certainly was not disappointed. This was fun and entertaining and says that age is only a state of mind. Thanks for the smiles.
Your title alone has won it for you! It's a funny story and very, very well told ! Kudos!
The title is perfect, and the story is one of my favorites this week. Excellent writing!
LOL What a fun read! Your title is a riot too. Thanks for the geriatric humor.
What a delightful story. I love how they are all caught up in "Twilight". Great take on the topic!
ROFL!!! I love this-and the name play at the end, Edward, eh? Heehee! What a riot! This was a fun read and I loved the way a popular book of "today" made a difference for those who needed a change. Simply lovely! This is definitely a favorite of mine this week! Loved it!
This was superfun to read!
Great writing and great humor...well done!
This was just SOOO much fun!! Congratulations on your very well-deserved EC!
I am so pleased to see this story earn a EC. Congratulations!