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Lovely story
My favorite line: Cinderella's second coming. I love the details, and the narrator's voice, and the fact that I could feel Greece, although I've never been there.
I loved visiting Greece again. You really captured the spirit of the Greek people with your story. Most of all, I enjoyed watching the growth of your mc, influenced by her octogenarian friends.
This line: "The grandeur of clean lines crafted with a superior vision was obvious in spite of the towering decay" seemed to sum up the MC's newly found philosophy of life. And, as for the wandering thoughts, that battle is surely what character is built upon.
Just loved this, so rich in detail and full of nuance. The bride came full circle around the globe, back to her groom.

I know someone who was left on her wedding day...guests and all present, but no bride and groom at the altar. Only a truly romantic writer could weave that stood-up-at-the-altar back into a feel great story. Terrific writing!
Wow. What fantastic atmosphere! The descriptions were wonderful, and I loved the ending. Just right. Loved this!
Never been, but your descriptions of Greece gave me a clear picture. Great title, great plot, great writing!
Excellent story writing and great on topic. By your descriptions, I felt I was fact, by your descriptions it made me want to go, and I'm not the world traveler type.
I loved the voice on this one and I swear it felt like sunny Greece.
Now you've gone and done it! Made me want to put on my travelin' shoes and head toward Greece! What a great piece! Beaucoup kudos!!
Loved this line: Greeks dont need holidays; life itself is cause to celebrate. What a creative mind you have, and a brave soul you must be to send your mc to Greece by herself. Awesome writing.
Love the MC's sassy attitude. What a fun trip and the ending is perfect. Superb writing as always.
This is going to be some-kind of marriage. Entertaining and fun with a real message..."Don't count the seniors out just yet!"
Love it.
There's so much beauty and truth here. We can learn so much from those who've lived long lives. Wonderful writing... very, very well done!
What an original and entertaining take on the topic. Love it!
My, my, my. Loved this girl - her outlook, her ability to laugh at herself, her willingness to really breathe the air right where she is... Can I go to Greece now?? Seriously, you should write for travel guides! And the best part??? She got it and got back her man. Yesssss!
Brilliant writing! What else can I say that hasn't been said. I could see it, feel it, had to laugh when the seniors showed up. Loved the "Cinderella's second coming" line.

Truly great stuff.