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This was such a hoot! Breaking the 'rules' presented a gem of a line like, "Even my wrinkles have little sub-wrinkles, wandering off like tributaries." Lol. What character you created in such few words...
Loved it.
This was...well, I can't think of enough adjectives to properly describe it.

Totally enjoyed it, but, I'm sorry to say, I relate in far too many areas.
This is so well written and delightful all the way through to the end. I share the mc's memories and am happy, too,to have a husband who loves me in spite of my wrinkles.
Your story is truly enchanting...and delightful...ok, I'll stop. One more adjective, though, to marvel at how you manage to weave humor, such rich characterization and warmth in so few words: MASTERFUL!
Wonderful all the way through, but the ending is priceless.
Reading the first part, I thought I was in Jan's Master Class. LOL. The mc's observations in the mirror were so real, I could see her myself, and the end, what can I say? Truly great.
What an entertaining story wrapped around one's self image and one looking through the eyes of love.
I think I really like your crabby old woman. A very nice piece of writing.
Great stuff with a light, deft touch.
This was an absolute delight to read. I saw early on why your entry is in "Masters." Excellent! Laura
I love the contrast between how she sees herself in the mirror and how her husband sees her.
There's a lot of hope in this story. Hope for an intact mind, hope for humor, hope for relationship, and hope for...well, you know...

Great job. Loved this.
Beautiful and masterful in every way, and a wonderful portrait of enduring love.
FANTASTIC! Loved this teacher, the eighteen, nope, seventeen steps, the slippers. My favourite, absolute favourite part was the mirror. Laugh Out Loud and Read It Again! Great stuff. Dare I even say this makes me want to "get old"???
Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!
Excellent writing and a very interesting story. Growing old is so very hard to do, (is that a line of a song? - No it was 'breaking up')Everything thing seems to be breaking up when growning old - but the spirit. Thanks - Colin
When I read this I was thinking of "Sniggles" and had a feeling!
BTW Congratulations on EC 7th place!
Angst is an interesting emotion isn't it? :P

Thanks for introducing us to Mrs. Tippet.

So fantastic, Jan. Smiled all the way through. Love the descriptions and the humor! And the very tender ending.

GREAT stuff!
It's amateurs who need to follow the rules. Masters like yourself break them with abandon and still come out on top! This was superb, and great fun to read.
This was cute and realistic.I love your MC's voice. Your style is so fresh with a squeeze of sass and spunk. I really enjoyed this. God bless your day hon! Congrats on your placing.:0)
I really liked this piece! Too funny and very enlightening as well! Excellent work!