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You hit the topic dead-on with your wonderful analogy. Much to remember here.
Oops...the previous comment goes with the previous entry. Sorry :-)
Your story is outstanding. I felt such a sympathy for the old man and shared his joy in relishing his memories while he looked forward to being with his wife and children again. Great job!
Thanks for showing us a still active and alert mind that sadly just isn't always evident.

I especially love Bill's final thoughts.
A very sweet story; his memories were certainly intact, even though his hearing wasn't.
Great story and liked the way you let the reader into Bill's mind, thus getting to know the man he was in his younger days.
I just loved these two very divergent thought processes. Nicely woven!
He heard every word and they all took him back! Congrats on placing so well! Loved this, Vonnie!
Awe, Vonnie, so sweetly done. Loved the flashbacks, you did an awesome job taking me back. Felt like I was walking with Bill down memory lane.
Yvonne, you told this story so well. I could so relate to the back-and-forth conversation with one who was living a past life, while living in the present. Old memories never die, and they become more predominant when the mind is weary with age. It is easier to live in the past than to accept the present. You made a good distinction of the two conversations, by using italics for what Bill said...Very enjoyable...Blessings...Helen