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What an absolutely delightful entry! I found your meter so perfect that I tapped my foot while I read it. It captures the essence of the twilight years when memories become so precious that no one understands except those who lived in that era. The teenagers who pitied her had no idea how much enjoyment she'd had in her early life. This was a great entry and one in which you can justifiably take great pride!
Except for the pig-tails, (naturally curly hair, for one thing)this was a walk down memory lane for me. What a delightful way to present the twilight years - and yes, I too am sometimes befuddled that kids of today could consider our lives back them to be boring.
This is wonderful. The kids' comments reminds me of the people who think heaven's going to be boring too—imagine sitting around on clouds all day! Poor misguided souls (lol).
What lovely rhyming and what a wonderful way to compare the differences in generations, even though its so sad that kids now don't have the pleasures of old.
Perfect meter, flowed like a song. A lovely picture of childhood.
What a lot of fun. Clever clever writing.
I found the sudden transition right at the end a little jarring. I wonder if adding a second verse from the grandchildren's perspective might have eased this. But nevertheless a creative and entertaining piece
Wow! I love the last stanza the most as it shows the different kinds of perspectives on fun and enjoyment these two generations hold.

Thanks for this poem.
I loved this walk down memory lane and the way your poem moves so fluently. Well chosen picture words and perfect rhyme and meter make this a winner in my book. Love the contrast at the end--poor grandkids don't know the fun they've missed!
Great rhythm, great message. favorite verse is the mouse on Papa's pants and his dance. Loved the last verse.
I enjoyed all the memories in Sophia's Movie (great title for this). :) Your last stanza made me smile, I did not expect that, BUT IT'S PERFECT!! Love this!
This poem was so much fun! You have such a clever way with words...very nicely done.
I love this! It is so well done...and the ending was perfect.
I love the teen's reaction at the typical! Great entry!!
Super sweet - I could picture the scenes myself, and was eagerly awaiting the next memory. The ending was great, what a tweak to the reader's nose!
Wow, what a blessing to be favoured to read such a masterpiece of rhyme.
Thank you so much - Colin
LOL! A boring childhood? I think not! Loved riding through these memories with Sophia. Simply delightful!
The bit about the mouse and Dad's lively dance was a chuckler. LOL. This was delightful to read.
Loved the poem and the walk down memory lane. Very Well Done!!!
This was warm, beautiful, and charming. And the last stanza gave me a chuckle! Loved it!