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I enjoyed the day I spent with your MC in her twilight years. Thanks for taking me along and showing God's love in action through this old lady.
Through your excellent description, a beautiful elderly Christian lady appeared. Good job of "showing" instead of "telling." (I'd love to have her energy--at any age.) The last sentence was an excellent conclusion.
Go, granny! Tell that spy about Jesus! A wonderful story about a really wonderful old lady! Nice work
It looks like the Hound of Heaven may tracking a private deFective! A good light touch on a potentially disturbing theme.
Very cleverly written! Your title brought me in, the content of the piece kept me here. In a quotation situation, the punctuation should be on the inside of the second quotes. This was a delight. Laura
I hope I grow old this well.
what a delightful story! Wish there were more little ladies like that in the world.
What a great day! I love how you gradually revealed your MC's true self. I enjoyed every moment of the day, especially from dinner onward.
A truly wonderful story with a creative format. I loved that her "dementia" was unfounded. Never too late to accept Christ.
What an amazing woman. Nicely told.
Do you know my mother? The MC is an excellent example to every Christian. Good job.
Mmmmm. I'm a sucker for good meatloaf and potatoes...we love to roast potatoes at our house!

More than that, after reading about this grandma to everyone, I prayed that I would be like her one day--loving and giving and cooking lots to bless others who are in their busy time of life.

Great little story.
Awwww... I wanna be just like her! Excellent!
Loved it! You're a sweetie!
Very good entry. Kept me interested all the way through. Well written. Well done.
I liked the format for this piece. Very clever.