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Absolute fun! Great take and great presentation. A pleasure.
Great title and a great read. I was hoping someone would use this story this week :)
I felt the confusion as to which prophet was involved was out of place since only one of them ministered at a time.
I must confess I also found it a bit hard to work out who was narrating the tale until quite late on, but nevertheless I liked the light-hearted tone of the piece. And the bit about getting the gossip from the women at their watering hole rather than from the men at their's... priceless!
I enjoyed this so much! What a wonderful imagination you have...just terrific.
You let your imagination run freely with this one and it's excellent. I was sure someone would write about her. Great job!
Heehee! Love the wordplay on the Grabbitz name. LOL. I didn't get that until the very end and then i had to laugh out loud literally because it fit so well. I especically like how you took a not so popular story and retold it into something wonderful and entertaining. This is good stuff!
Wonderfully creative take on one of God's great provisional miracles. Well done!
I enjoyed the earthiness of yor version with touches of gossip, prostitution, drunkenness, violence and cruel indifference, all mixed together with faith and generosity. Much the way the Bible tells such tales! But a far cry from how such stories are often sanitised these days.