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This poem is right on topic, perfect in rhyme and meter. I was sad and happy for this soldier--sad that he died--happy his eternal home was heaven. Great writing.
Wow, what a story woven in this poem. What poignant writing! I was transported.
What a beautiful narrative you've presented--creative,emotional,inspirational with excellent word choices.
...And I forgot to add that I love the tenderness of the ending with the glorious hope in the message.
Awesome...I could see the soldier in all of his misery, then the ministering angel. What a touching portrayal of how GOD's grace is sufficient to fill our empty cups to overflowing. Thank you.
Very well written, and a very beautiful expression of the hope we have of a life where there will no more pain, or sorrow, or sickness, or death. Thank you.
Lovely...what a wonderful poem. Well done.
Wonderful description. I could see it all and was right there with the soldier.

This has an excellent message as well. We are never alone, even when we are scared, wounded or hurting.

Very well done.
I loved where this poem went as well as the voice throughout. Great job Mariane! The 10 months did you no harm girl!
This reminded me of visiting the World War I museum in Kansas City! Your strong images vividly convey the despair of the battlefield, and the glorious resolution for the dying soldier.
Great poem. It reads so much like a story--a well written, to the point story with great descriptions--that packs a big punch in so few words. Good job.
Great poem and wonderful rhyme. Super story told and a wonderful picture of what it may be like to go "Home".
I read and marvel how you find just the right words to fit perfectly the rhythm, the story and the message.
You could sense this soldier's hopelessness. At first, I thought he was going to be rescued. I guess in a way he was...rescued, saved, healed and in the presencee of Jesus. What a great narrative.
"And washed away all signs of war" Oh, how I love that line! He will, won't He?
Loved this so very much.
Oh, wow! Welcome back in a BIG way! Sad, mourning, happy, rejoicing..and everything in between. You took me through the gamut with this inspired poem. Wonderful work.
This is written with the sensitivity of someone who has spent time in a foxhole. My favorite line was about taking away all signs of war. Love it.
Love your title and the way you cover every single thing mentioned inside of it. It was truly bittersweet! I loved it!
Mariane, I'm so glad this tender, very well written entry was in EC. You haven't lost your touch!
So glad to see this poem "up there". You deserve this win!!!
How very creative to make a poem while telling this story.
Wonderful and meaningful!

Congratulations on your EC, too. :)