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You summed up the Gospel and our hope in your well chosen words.
I love the format, the message, and the parallels. Very well done.
Very creative. And superbly presented.
Wow, this was really neat! Well done!
Wonderfully creative and powerful message presented. Well done!
Creativity in its finest! Very well done-love the format.
The format alone intrigued me, I've never seen it done like this before. The story, unfolding from beginning to end, was well-written. I enjoyed this prose/poem a lot.
Oh, I so enjoyed reading this as it was and then playing around with different ways of reading it. First, I read the poetry alone, on the left...that was great, standing alone. Then, I read "God's words" along with the response...the sparseness of that was just fantastic!

And that's what's so wonderful about writing something like this; it draws the reader in, inviting him to interact with it. Good job!
oooh, very nicely done! Super creative and with great meaning. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful piece. I'm glad I didn't miss it. ^_^
Very inventive! I enjoyed the unique quality of this, as well as the beautiful way you shared the gospel.
It IS Good!

Beautiful, compelling and very creative! Congratulations--well done!
Wow, so unique, and SO good! The format evoked such a strong emotional reaction. Congratulations!!