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Wow--what a stark contrast you painted with your words. Powerful message tucked within this perfectly captured topic.
Your contrast of empty-full holds much pathos.
This is an extremely sad comparison, but brilliant in its presentation by you. I like the way you set each section of stories separate from the other by italics. It was a pleasure to review this writing challenge. Laura
Powerful and moving writing. A much-needed reminder to the overfed West of how the other 2/3 world lives. May our response be a lot more than a quick prayer added on to meal time graces. Thanks for writing this.
I was talking with my wife this afternoon about how the three big needs in developing countries are health care, education and food security. Where we live none of the three are done particularly well. Your story is a salient reminder. I can't help wondering, mind, if the ending doesn't demand a footnote with a link to an overseas development agency or some such. Bless you.
Very, very powerful writing, and oh so sad but true. Well done...
It's so hard for us to rationalise that so many are hungry while there is so much waste. You did well to bring this to our attention in this well-written story of empty and full.
Wow powerful take on the topic. Such a strong reminder of how much we take for granted. Very well done.
The contrasts of empty and full are heart-wrenching. As Americans we don't have a clue, do we? (Except for maybe folks like the Kanes who know first hand the suffering of these dear folks.) Thanks for writing such a sad, difficult story.
A tough story to read, as I'm sure it was to write...Can you imagine how much could be changed if every American family skipped just one trip to the drive-thru to feed the poor? We take so much for granted.

A well-written, strong entry.
Very, very nice job on a very hard subject. Sometimes facing the realities of life can be very difficult but with entries like yours, we are given the opportunity to do some serious thinking.
A powerful reminder of all we take for granted! Well done.
This one gave me goosebumps. Wow. Just Really makes you think, the contrast is so well done it sticks with you even after you've moved on to the next story. great job.
you've hit us between the eyes with the stark reality of the unbalance in our world--of too much and too little, with little children being the primary beneficiaries/victims. excellent take on the topic and well written
I can't say I enjoyed this in the usual sense of the word, because I am left convicted and heartbroken. Very relevant and compelling entry. Deserving of an EC. Congratulation - your honor is well deserved!