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This is a beautiful rendition of a familiar parable. LOVE the chastening that teaches, especially. Wow.
I did hear that in those days, in that region, the sheperd's did break legs. Very good story and well told and written. Thanks!
This was difficult to read, which is a sign of good writing. And, I somewhat understand the principle involved and yet relating to it is not so easy. After reading your article, your title conveys a dual purpose that gives one much to think about.
This does sound a bit harsh, but I wonder how much sweetness in life we owe to the "breakings" of our loving and wise Lord? Well written.
I also thought the "legs" to be a harsh handling, but realized how many times I have likely thought the Lord's hand to be harsh on me when He was actually healing me. Very provocative and great detailed writing.
We have to be broken before we can be 'fixed' if you'll let me use that expression. Awesome story. I could relate perfectly.
Awesome story and wonderfully written. Nicely done.
Wow, that was shocking! Not what I expected... which is probably a good thing. You took a familiar parable and added an extra dimension--real food for thought. Well done.
Not easy to write when pain is present...but this is very well done. Imagine being a loving shepherd and doing this to "save" the lamb. I think we so often break God's heart and it results in "hard lessons" for us. But, to be loved so much....
Wow! That's pretty much my reaction. I really, really like this one, Shirley! I think it's awesome. You didn't shy away from what made this real and you showed in great allegory form, the punishment and yet, still the better things to come afterwards. This is so well done! I LOVED it! ^_^
I love how you told this. I appreciate your use of other scripture to back up this story ("plans to prosper me and not to harm me"). Your lesson is very good!
Oh, I really like this. I think it worked perfectly. I could just picture the little lamb. Great job.
This is a vivid, well-written piece. I was taken aback by the punishment, though. However, I can see your point in including it in the story. Good work.
What a beautiful and moving allegory! I really enjoyed reading this!
This is beautiful and such a wonderful lesson. I can see why it's one of your favorites.
Your descriptions are wonderful. As an animal lover, I cringed at the thought of the poor little lamb's broken leg. I understand the parable, though. Nicely done.
I love this story on so many levels! Masterful!