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Enjoyed the authentic dialog and your feisty MC. Cute story.
Soooo clever, and an excellent use of dialect. Love your MC (have a guess who this is, but I certainly could be wrong!). I am NOT trying that recipe. hehe
I like tart tarts but this seems really bitter.

Enjoyed the banter that went off in this interesting pie story.
Oh, this is SOOO funny! I loved the authentic voice of the narrator and the wonderful twist at the end. Sometimes you don't really want what you THINK you want! (I don't think I'll try the recipe, either...:)
I love these two old bitties, fightin' over a man. So funny. Great voice on the MC. And I can't wait to make that pie.
A great read! I laughed all the way through, and even imagined a few people that I know as the characters. LOL
The pie sounds interestin' but not 'nough to bake one. Hope I never have ta use one fer bait.

Right good story, and I ain't kiddin' neither.
Haha--"...the kinda sweet that'll turn yer teeth." You sure know how to turn a phrase and keep a reader glued an' grinnin' from front to back!
I grinned all the way through this...fantastic voice. Loved the MC's change of heart by the end.
Btw, I do not make pies, I buy them:)...and we are a tad too far north for vinegar pie, lol. Someday I shall taste one! Wonderful story!
Oh man! Women may get old but they never change, do they? Love this voice and the sour biddy who got poor Wilbur. Somehow, I imagined me and my gent in this scenario as I read it. (Don't tell him I said that.) And I DO want to try that recipe...just enough bitter-lover in me to want to taste it.
For the record, I have had vinegar pie...and it's very good. As for this hilarious story, I just love the accents, the interaction and the way you make us feel that we are looking over the shoulders of your characters. Great writing.
Loved the dialogue and the take on the topic. Very fun read. Well done!
Certainly a pleasure to read especially with that spot-on dialect.

I loved the subtly placed lessons that so artfully emerges as the piece progresses.
Loads of fun. Told with detail and great voice. I've been to some of those church dinners and I know some of those "ladies".
This was one pie my dad talked about (he grew up during the depression). And YES, I made one of these during my teenage years. :) I may have to dust off the recipe (or borrow yours). I think the recipe I used had spices like for a pumpkin pie. :) This was loads of fun. I enjoyed the way you brought the ladies and their rivalry to life!
This is absolutely delightful! Great characterization and marvelously true dialogue!
Congrats Jan! Will there be Vinegar Pie at the FW Conference? :)
What a hoot! Great voice that held all the way through to the end. And when the reader smiles the whole time enjoying every word...well, by gum...yous mustas done sompin rit. LOL! Loved it Jan!
Awww.. this was absolutely fun!
I pray to write great like you someday!