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Such a cool story. (A bit eerie for me. My daughter, Gracie, was born on June fifteenth, Father's Day, almost six years ago.) I love the first line and how you packed action into so few words. (Seemed like a Lifetime Movie--in a good way.) Not sure about the last quote, though. Great, fun, impacting story.
Oh man - wow. Going through an illness myself, I can't imagine going it alone without my doctor's. Even though they really aren't helping me much. People react so strange when we aren't healed after they pray. And these are in traditional Christian churches, not like the one in your story. So sad. Very sad but certainly kept my attention.
Horrifying, but it likely could happen. Nice pace - the story moved right along through time without jumping. The bit about her hair growing back black was a nice touch! I'm not sure who said the last line of dialog (I'm assuming the mother) or exactly what it means, but a great story well told.
I get so ANGRY at people who are like the Reverend. Honestly, I can't TELL you how angry they make me. You're such an awesome writer that you had my blood pressure boiling at this man...Superb story-telling!
Superb storytelling...especially liked the ending where momma took her stand. Nicely done!
Great Story! I want to know if there is more!! However, I am lost as to who said the last line. I guess I didn't get the twist.
Wow! I absolutely loved this!

Thank you for sharing.
This is astounding! And, maybe because I have an "earthy" history, I got the last line right away! Lisa pretty much said it in different words. lol Anyway, your story is excellent.
Of course it was the mother speaking to the "reverend" I use that term lightly, here.
There is no grace in this town, no forgiveness and certainly no Christian faith as I know it. In a way, the burning of the house was a good thing. Like the child's new, black hair, they can now move on to other new beginnings.
Great story and wonderful telling of it. Using the tools that God has given us to survive is such a "no brainer". (Some people certainly don't get that one) Loved this!
oooh, WOW!!! This is one of your best yet-or at least my favorite one of yours! Packed with soooo much, I couldn't stop reading all the way through. And I did "Get" it. lol. I had the hint to look for a missing speech tag....^_^ This was powerful, I'm sure glad the MC didn't die though. People like that Rev. completelyl tick me off, this must have been interesting to write. ^_^ Kudos to you!
Wow... an amazing, powerful, and disturbing story. I'm surprised that a whole town would be so mesmerized by a fringe cult that they couldn't admit the real reason for their illnesses... but I suppose it's possible. Very vivid, very scary, and very well written!
I am sitting here stunned. Not too often am I at a loss for words. This is one of those times. THANK YOU for writing this powerful and intriguing story.
Oh dear - this reminded me of the Ku Klux Klan era - how those poor victims must have felt. Thanks for making this relistic for us. Thanks - Colin
So many lessons to learn through this brilliantly crafted piece. The voice is excellent. I could see it all happening.
Now I get the last line. I don't know why, but I read it twice before and didn't get it. But, now...I really Love it. The last line tells the story! Says what the problem was all along! Just terrific!
Now that Lisa has pointed out the obvious, of COURSE I get the last dialog line. Sorry for being a dolt. Still love it.
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