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Great description, engaging conversation, and that last line is a delight. Very good.
Love the Title. I appreciate the way you let the story unfold, not too rushed. Your descripions are vivid. Great writing.
Excellent and well defended position on both fronts of Light versus Darkness. Love the interplay between the protagonist and their engaging dialogue. And your descriptions were fast, full and perfect in the telling of this delightful tale.
The dialog seems perfect for this era, great descriptions, an enchanting tale of a dawning love. Love it!
An enjoyable read about light and dark playing a part in human relationships.

Thanks for sharing - Colin
Rich and romantic, with a marvelous sense of time and place.

I got just a tad impatient with the first two paragraphs of description, wishing for something to happen, already.

Love the interplay between your two protagonists.
Ooooh! I like this. Very well done and now I think I would like a sequel. Please? lol! This was well done, with a cute title and not forced at all. I like the easy touch of romance and the interaction between this lady and knight. Nice job!
I loved this story of beginning romance in a past era-really neat title as well.
Felt like I was in the great hall with them.
Could your descriptions have been any richer? I enjoyed how you used the contrast of dark and light in their converation. The dialogue was believable and had a nice cadence to it that was fun to read.
A rich feast of voculabulary and mood. Very well done indeed.
This is simply engaging and beautiful, with it's descriptions and setting. It took me back into a time I love reading about. I would have liked to visit such a place for even a few brief moments. That enra always intrigued and enticed me. Your dialogue and characters were so believable. I liked the wit and quickeness of the girl. I love this one! Congratulations on your well deserved win. Just beautiful!
The setting of this story was perfect for its excellent description of romance between "light" and "dark." Very well done and congratulations on the win!
: ) : ) : ) Myrna, my friend, doing the happy dance for you indeed! Great job and congratulations!
What a beautiful, rich and descriptive story... a fairy tale grounded in reality, with much truth embedded in it. Congratulations on a very well-deserved First Place!
Wow! i loved it! It was as if I was really there! Totally awesome story!
Congratulations, Myrna. This is beautiful. I LOVED it. Very well paced, and the setting is clear in my mind. It captivated me.
Top notch writing and story telling--loved the light bantor between the MC and her knight as they discussed their preferences for light and dark. First place--great job!
I loved your telling of this tale and being transported to another time and place. Congratulations!!
Congratulations, Myrna Joy on a wonderfully written, delightful piece!
This is absolutely GORGEOUS, Myrna - and SO deserving of 1st place EC. Wonderful. Congratulations.