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Oh wow - this is certainly a resurrection story. Very cool. Very different. Awesome. Good job!
I like this line: "And now he was going to die as he had lived: in the dark." I like the ending too, even tho it might be cliche'. He was given a second chance, and he took it. Nice job on this story.
Oh wow, what a fun entry! I'd love to watch a movie based on this! Very creative and different, and I hung on every word. This is the sort of short story that I'd teach to my students. Love it!
Very good indeed. There are of course several good lines, but mine would have to be "Men love the darkness because their deeds are evil." How very true!
Oh, I liked evry line, from the thoughts of the wayward young man to the scriptures and when the old grave digger rescues him. The ending was very well thought out. Well done!~
Okay, so what happens next? *hands on hips*

LOL! I want to know where Jake will go now and what new adventures he'll be in for! Sequel please! Loved this snippet!
Very nice! I like that! Your setting was very appropriate for this story and you brought your character to life (pun intended). :) Thanks for sharing this!
Whoa! It was like reading a movie script. What a fun read. Unique angle on this week's theme. Extremely well done and ever so entertaining.
Excellent-from start to finish. So much said in so few words. I want to see Resurrection II, The Movie!
One of my top favorites this week! Excellent story telling and well themed.
Wonderful sense of place and time. I felt like I was watching a western on TV. I loved reading this creative entry.
You milked the 750 for all it's worth in getting all this story down. I love westerns, so this was up my alley. Great storytelling.
Ooooo, what a good story! Felt like a movie...loved it!
What a powerful story of hope. Great writing. Congratulations!
The title is perfect, the story is fun fiction, and I like happy endings--great job all around.
CONGRATULATIONS, CAROL, ON YOUR RICHLY-DESERVED E.C.!! This is such a very creative, absorbing story, and I LOVED IT!!

(BTW, did you mean "clamber" instead of "clamor"?)

My favorite line is also:
"And now he was going to die as he had lived: in the dark."
Really profound!

Terrific writing, and I liked the twist of the guy riding into the sunrise instead of the sunset! :)
Congratulations, Carol, on placing with this wonderful short story. I haven't read a western in a long time, and this was a particulary interesting one. You did a great job with the suspense, and the ending was perfect.