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Fantastic story! The anticipation builds with each turn of the plot and ends with an encouraging word that is needed in times such as these!
I especially loved that last thoughtjust as He promised, He was up there at her side, ready to go with her. Well done.
Excellent atmoshere and mood in this compelling allegory!
I love, love the beginning, it reads like a Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti book, being chased by the darkness, but finding truth in the light!

Incredibly vivid descriptions, and such a compelling story. This is absolutely MASTERFUL, Cat! Wow.
Yikes! Had me hanging onto my seat. Great scenery and I loved the way you wrapped it all up.
This was so rich with imagery and emotion. Loved it. Perfect last lines.
Very vivid descriptions and powerful imagery! It reminds us of how significant even our small decisions are in the grander scheme. Very well done!
Masterful, and rich, meaningful writing. Thanks for your example. Colin
Riveting and emotional all the way through the story. The last line was powerful and was a perfect ending. One of my favorites this week.
Wonderful reminder to be careful of our choices in life.

This is very well written. Thumbs up!
Oooohhh the imagery, the dialogue; I loved it all!

Just one question though. In the first paragraph, did you mean to say her arms scrambled or scrabbled? Just curious...:)
I love allegories, and this one has an excellent message! Loved the ending! :) You wrote very descriptively all the way through!
OOOOhhh! This is my favoritest one of yours yet!! ^_^ Loved it, especially the interaction between the two as the conversation continued and the true significance of light and dark was proven. Wowz! ^_^
Wow! Loved this from start to finish. I was right there with your MC.
I was carried along in the darkness with the MC and could feel the icy cold doorknob. Dramatic. I wanted her to choose the right door so much.