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Interesting take on the theme. As a coffee lover myself, I sympathize. Great story.
How funny and frustrating and funny;) Mainly funny because it wasn't me;) Thank you for making me laugh today - needed it.
So many entries this week were dark, dark, dark--thanks so much for this delightful, hilarious story! I love your voice, and would buy a collection of your stories in a heartbeat.
Great humor in this story. Loved it all the way to the end. I hope she gets her print cartridge! Well done!
So much chocolate discussed on FW, I never even thought about coffee for the dark and light topic. I love your humerous story and great dialogue.
Oh, this is SOOO hilarious... and unfortunately, too reminiscent of some of my own experiences with customer service! I LOVE your sense of humor!!
A great humorous story - a bit like we've all suffered to some degree. Thanks so much - really enjoyable!

Oooh. I want to SHAKE that Barry person. lol. This was a great laugh, but I must say I was thoroughly frustrated for the MC at the end of the story. They'd better cover all her expensese-ROFL-print cartridge included! What a fun read! ^_^
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lightness in your story and for my tickling my funnybone. What a refreshing take on the theme for this week. I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor.
I just loved this piece. You were able to get the reader (at least this reader) to nod and agree and know EXACTLY what you're talking about. It's always a good thing when the reader connects with the story.
Love your MC's persistence. Thanks for this laugh today. :)
Fantabulous! This was a hoot to read...loved it!
ROFL! This is GREAT! Thank you so much for the laugh and congratulations on placing!
This was so delightful and addicting, like coffee.:0) You have to write more of these fun pieces-Loved it!! Congratulations on your win too!Great job! Now please pour me a cup of Joe while I cna reread this again-just make sure Barry is fired first.:0)
So deserving of the EC, if not just for the writing, but for the laughter it put in my heart today as well! Congratulations!
I thought about Starbucks the whole time. I think I'm in withdrawal, LOVE that place. I'll have to read this to my husband when he's available. Absolutely hilarious, frustrating and too true so often of some of those places. hehehehe
CONGRATULATIONS!! I had a great time reading this!! What a creative, fun story by a very talented writer!! :) This piece would go be a big hit here in the Coffee Shop Capital of the World (Seattle area)!! :)

Betty, this is so YOU! If I hadn't read your name I'd still have known it was written by you. What a hoot! The funny thing is, I could actually SEE you in my mind's eye DOING those things! You're such a tonic for all of us. What great humor and insight. I love you to pieces!
Hahaha! It's soooo true! The cream really does rise to the top! And this is it, Betty Dee! So funny and so typical of life's little frustrations in the marketplace. heehee... You are a master for sure at these wonderfully funny 'perky' vignettes! Congratulations, friend!!
No need to ask why this one placed in the EC ranks. I applaud the MC for her patience with Barry. Remember when the customer was always right?!
Great lighthearted story that was fun to read.
I would love to read more of your writings. I loved this piece. Some articles are so filled with adjectives that I get lost. I followed you from place to place, emotion to emotion.
Congratulations on placing...and I loved it. Your humor is incomparable.
Somehow I missed this the first time around. LOVE IT!!!