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Love the descriptions.
Lovely images. Great contrast and beautiful.
I liked the idea of taking something routine and showing the contrast of dark and light. Uniquely creative. I enjoyed the imagery as well.
I love your title and how your lovely ending picks it up!

You created some beautiful images in this piece, and I especially liked the following:

"A flashlight bobs
Approaching on the road-
An early walker and his dog
Illuminate my dawn disarray
Like a deer in headlights immobilized:
My ruffled hair, my sleep-lined face
Not ready for bright light
Nor relishing Januarys endless night."

Nice writing! :)
Simply lovely. I felt as if I was there. Excellent word pictures.
This is so simple and lovely! I wish, I wish I knew how to write poetry like this!
Awesome descriptions. I loved them. I wanted to follow the M.C. down the road even more, beyond the mailbox and the cows, maybe to a frozen pond or back to the barn to breath in the familiar smell of fresh hay and livestock stirring from a winter's sleep. Great writing here! Anything to do with nature captures my attention and heart. I absolutely love poetry-whether free verse or rhyming pieces. Again great writing hon.
I felt as if I was walking the driveway with you. Your words painted pictures for me of calmness and beauty in both scenes. Great job.
simply delightful ^_^
Very realistic descriptions; I love country mornings, and cows too! Thank you for a nice moment.
Daily life, beautifully expressed. I could see it all, cows, flashlight, terry robe,path to the mail box - everything including the love for this way of life.