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Proverbs 17:6 Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.

"...the beauty of old men is their gray hair."

Thank you for this piece you've written.

Ah the callow superficiality of youth! You have taken a classic theme and plunked it into unexpected history. Well done!
Great story! I loved the strength of the old man...and how you got me at the end!
A very creative take on the Flood. I was thrown off about the weather change thing, but recognized the Ark reference. A really good story.
Great bit of Biblical fiction. Great take on the topic. Well done!
Great story! I love the twist - when the realization hit that this is a story of the past and not the future.
Ooh, you got me. I thought we were in the future for awhile. This was very well done, indeed. loved it.
I enjoy stories with twist and turns, and this one delivered. Very creative writing on the topic.
Well you sure fooled me here! I was convinced this tale was set in the future, and then when I realised it was Noah... So so cleverly done. And a powerful, though implied reminder of Jesus' words, "As in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man". The scratch marks on the ark were a poignant touch indeed. Excellent job!
Whoa! What a great twist!! Love it!
This story caught and held my attention from beginning to end--and I loved the surprise ending! Very well done.
I must admit I was thinking future up until: He takes me up beside it, and points to a door partway up the side. See those marks? Those are scratch marks, where people clawed at the side trying to get in when it was too late. Then I realised who the great grandfather was.
As always, your story didn't disappoint.

I like the way you presented Noah's ark story from a different POV. You have successfully captured the feelings, the sense of immensity and awe, in beholding the enormous size of the ark, reflecting with revered understanding of the world before.
Yeah, you got me, too! I was looking forward to hearing about what environmental disaster was going to happen in the future and what we could to do prevent it. :) This was so well done! Congratulations on the win!
Not only did I love the way you told this story, but also the creative slant. Very engaging and a joy to read. Congratulations on your EC!
No doubt a winner! You had me going, and the scratch marks clued me in. Perfect touch - impeccable writing. Congrats on your win!
I lub me some good Biblical "fiction" laced within a Biblical event. Great job. I lub this story. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
Congrats on this winning entry. What a creative way to bring an old testament story to life. Like everyone else, I too thought this was speaking of the future--nice twist.
Sorry my congratulations are so late this week...great job on the story and your placement!
Rick, I'm going to feature this very imaginative story on the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 3. Look for it on the Faithwriters Home Page--and congratulations!