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wow, some memorable images here--"liquid shame", "suicide circling like vultures"

Guilt is a motivator for change and transformation. Thank goodness this main character had a pastor who understood that so well and was willing to be the shepherd.
There's such a contrast in the "before" and "after" of your story, surely a story of warning for young people, wanting to try alcohol. I liked the forgiveness brought out by the minister.
Wow-this one hit me like a bullet between the eyes. Might be because "but for the grace of God go I."
Your story impacted me more than any other this week. Thank you for a reminder of who I was "before."
Yes, this could be used for the youth - it could help someone who's been through the heartache of a bad decision. God is so gracious He even helps us when we do stupid, consequential things. Great story Debs!
When we are young we believe we are immortal. You captured that belief then showed the truth of our fragile lives. I like the pastor, a true man of God not to condemn.
What a sobering, well-written story! You have such an awesome command of words, and your descriptions are excellent! I could picture the train looking like a film strip, "screeching, and spewing light from headlamps"!

Good message, gifted writing, great story!

I have a grandson who just started driving and 2 more soon to start. This is a real fear.
You told the harsh truth and ended with hope and forgiveness.
I loved the imagery in the opening line. The scenario was painfully true to life, and yet the hope of redemption shone through in the end. Excellent writing.
Wow! This is just beyond excellent. I really liked the pastor's way of reaching out to this boy. Congratulations on the win!
Magnificent!!! Congrats on your EC!!!
Debbie, I love the message you presented here. It is something so many in despair need to hear over and over again. I'm so glad this placed so highly in the EC - it is so well-deserved!
Oh, Debbie! You did a good job in this story of capturing the before and after. In the midst of the despair, I loved your glimmer of hope. Congratulations on your well-deserved honor.
WOW! This was packed with emotions, regrets and so glad it ended with that ray of hope we all need in desperate times. Gripping and powerful--something all teens should read. Congrats on your win.
B-lated congratulations on your EC this week, Debbie! Nice job.