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I got chills reading this. I could picture - see - hear everything! The writing was that good. As hard as it for those who served and experienced these horrors of war, we must rely on them to tell their stories so we might better understand not only their heroism but their sacrifices as well. Fate might save those, such as your father, that they might just do so - pass the story on to future generations.
Wow! I love stories that are true or even if the characters are fictional the history actually happened. Well written! Great descriptions.
This is hard to read because my own father served in the South Pacific and came home with scars that no one could see.

You wrote with accuracy and urgency, placing us there. The "after" of any war is a reality none of want to acknowledge. Bless your father for his service and courage at such a tender age.
Masterful description in your story that "personalizes" the war in a real way.
This was riveting. What a price many have paid.
How appropriate that I'm reading this on Memorial Day. A powerful entry.
Thanks for sharing your dad's personal account of war. We own so much to these men and women.
Written with the voice of war. Hard to read because I know it's true. Compelling.
Thank you for having the courage to share this. My dad was in the Army and stationed on Okinawa. He spoke very little about what happened. Once I started reading this, I couldn't stop. Bravo!
I pray we never forget the sacrifice the men of all allied nations made to keep this world free in WWII.
You have written a wonderful memorial to your father. Those young men were changed - some for the better, but sadly many for the worse. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your personal family history.
Powerfully written with descriptions placing me on the battle lines. Nicely done.
Wow! This is awesome! Powerfully and masterfully written. The burnt bodies grossed me out and I felt the revulsion of that moment. Wow ...