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This is powerfully written, a brilliant retelling of the "losing" side.
This powerful message kept me spellbound. Good introspection of the idol-worshipping priestess.
Incredibly vivid and an excellent execution of POV. So powerful.
Spectacular writing! You brought out just what a witch Jezebel really was. Now I understand why Elijah ran for his life.
Absolutely Wow! And a sigh for a fantastic read. Wow ...
Your writing made me hold my breath and wait although I could guess the outcome. Very well written.
I'm in awe of the writing, and the hint of what was to come at the end...perfect.
OUTSTANDING!!Deeelicious...through and through!! Yes! Writing can be delicious. You bet. :)

Thanks so much for sharing, Carol! usual!

Love it!
I am sooo proud and happy for you, Carol!!
Gorgeous, GORGEOUS writing. Just a pleasure and privilege to read.

And personally... for me?... it just feels really good to be right!! :D :P

Huge Congrats, Girl!

Riveting! Beautiful retelling of an intense moment in history. definitely deserve your win!
Very well done! I agree, I relaly like the way you've given a twist to this piece, looking back. I was wondering who the great grandfather was at first, someone I had read about?:0) Then it hit me. Oh, this is good! Nice MC voice!!!Congrats on the win hon!!God bless!!!
Congratulations indeed. An awesome piece of writing. I so like to see Bible stories so powerfully brought to life
You brought this Biblical event to life. I could see, feel, touch and hear the story as it unfolded. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
It's easy to see why this placed so highly. I liked not only the story but the unusual way you used your dialogue tags/introductions. It made for a powerful, but restrained presentation. Congratulations on your EC!
Oh my! Wonderful! When I realized what word she was waiting for, I couldn't help but grin knowing what word she would receive. Phenomenal writing - congrats on 1st place. This story is well deserving of the honor.
Congratulations on taking first place with this strong retelling of a familiar Bible story. This grabbed me immediately and your writing carried me through to the end. Great job.
Wish we could all write like many first places are there?
Hi, Carol, sorry this is so late...I just loved your story this week. You DEFINITELY have a fan in me, my FW friend. Great Job!