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I always wondered where Elvis got off too; and now the secret's out indeed! Good job with the topic and this tale is simply delightful to read.
I still think it was a "hair ball" in the bushes, by the name of Elvis...

what fun to read and must have been fun to write!
I just wish I had your imagination! Delightful story!
ROFL! What a delightful hilarious take on topic. I loved this! Especially the first person POV! Fun read!
Ohhh fun! this must have been a hoot to right. Extremely creative. Thank you - thank you very muucch.
So much fun to read! lol
Love the humor and the details are a delight. Fun title, too.
Have to admit, I was clueless too! (Thanks Loren)
Great writing, very creative and fun. Now I KNOW he's still alive.
Figures this one is yours. lol So, do we get to decide if this guy was a wacko impersonator? Or the real kahuna? : ) Loved it girlie. I needed a tad more hint too somewhere down the line if you didn't want to give it away too early. I mean, really, he could have scampered off leaving behind a blue suede shoe. You know, kinda like Cinderella? tehe.
Now that's some fiction! Great story. Loved it.
I also had to read the comments to figure it out... but once I did, it all made sense! VERY creative, with a wonderful dose of humor!
You have a very rich imagination! :) I enjoyed this wonderful little story and thank you for the smile it gave me! Good job!
LOL think how much money you could have made if you'd had a crust from a sandwich left!
Oh boy, who would have thought of writing a story about you-know-who for the challenge.
Well done, Betty, well done.

You've left me all shook up! Great humor and imagination. Well done!
Delightful! I can always count on one of your stories to provide a big ol' grin. Love the interactive title, too.
I had it figured from the sideburns and understood every clue EXCEPT the sandwich... I thought I was the only one who liked that particular combination.

Really fun story.
Great, fun read. :)
As the daughter of a HUGE Elvis fan, I knew instantly who He was. (And my mother tells us every time we have a peanut butter and banana sandwich that it was Elvis's favorite.) I love this story. So much fun. Your stories always brighten my day and make my smile. What a GIFT you have for humor.
Congratulations on this piece. Hilarious and great dialogue. I love the M.C's voice-feisty with a bit of loveable sarcasm. I thoroughly enjoyed this hon. Lord bless you. Your writing made my day. I needed this.:0)
You are too too funny, Betty:) Thanks for pulling out an oldie but forever a goodie:) LUVS!