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I'm not always the best at understanding poetry and its meaning, but in this I find an impassioned exaltation on the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11; and the conclusion in the last stanza is perfect.
Powerfully told.
You've presented a very creative take on the topic.
I love your title, and your piece fits this week's topic perfectly. This part especially touched me: "The Elder wept;
His twin was gone!
Metal tears fell into the sky."

Very creative!

Yes, very creative and well written. Very well written!
Wow! A really creative take on the topic. Very nice.
I appreciated the depth of your succinctness and how you matched the sudden, chilling brutality of 9/11 with the element of hope that leapt out from your conclusion. Thank you so much.
It took me reading twice and reading a comment to get it. I am not the fastest horse in the race.
Wonderful! You humanized concrete and steel to tell the ultimate human story.
A creative and evocative portrait of 9/11... very moving and sorrowful at the same time. Well done!
Very well done! I like the characterization and life you gave to the twin towers. May we always remain in prayer for those families and friends who lost loved ones that day. Keep up you writing. Great job!!