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Not only did I really like the re-telling of this story, but also the simple and perfect reasoning your MC gave:
"The man is obviously not a sinner because God doesnt listen to sinners, and only God could make a blind man see. Its really as simple as that."
Nice job!
Only a talented Faithwriter could characterize this story as Jesus healing with a Loogie! exceptionally well told and entertaining.
You did an excellent job of taking a Bible story and putting it in today's converational style. Loved the MC's voice throughout this piece. Right on topic with this one--hope to see this with a top ranking.
This is truly a unique retelling, creatively done.
An interesting way of telling this story-very creative.
A familiar story in modern day language. Well done.
Creative, and fun characterization. SUPER title.
Well I didn't know what a loogie was, but it became pretty obvious! I love this genre of retelling Bible tales and making them come alive, and this was a good one.
Very good, but you did a little time travel

"they threw me under the bus yesterday"

maybe should it have read they threw me to the lions, or under a wagon, or...?

But I liked it nevertheless. A different view of a story we all know.
Incredible!!! Congratulations on your EC!!!!
Kudos on your EC placement. This was such a good piece of writing!
Hi, Sheri, wow, I'm so far behind in these congrats...but I wanted to take the time anyway...LOVED your story this week! Blessings from your fan and friend...Sonya
This was outstanding! Loved every word. Congrats!