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how wonderfully written. I was hooked from the first word! excellent story!
What a wonderful testimony.
The last line was incredibly lovely.
This is incredibly powerful, raw, and poignant. And yes, those woman's words are incredibly wonderful.
I particularly appreciate the "we all have a past, but Jesus is the future"--the ultimate before and after. thank you.
Thank God for the Augusta's of this world and the differences they make in lives as they share the Savior. I loved the last line.
Don't worry, my dear, she whispered. We all have a past. But it's Jesus who gives us a future. These powerful words give each of us hope. The MC sounded detached from any emotion in the beginning--possibly her defense mechanism against abuse--was happy for the Christian love she received later. Good job.
A very real story with an ending of hope.
Very raw story, shocking at first, great characterization, wonderful ending.
A blunt, moving and totally realistic look at one of the most important issues of our day. Putting names and faces to the people affected by the AIDS epidemic forces us to acknowledge the reality of the tragedy.
Along with other readers I loved the last line. I can think of no more beautiful and succinct expression of redemption than that line.
This was a brave topic to take on, and really brought home the personal side to this devastating illness. It was very well written and poignant.
Well...I can't say that I thought it was a woman that wrote it straight off the bat-lol, but I cheated and clicked on your brick. ^_^

Amazing read. You really went to the heart of the MC and brought her around to a full circle. I was so glad to see a change at the end. Good stuff!
The title got my attention. The story tells such a wonderful truth and does it so well. Jesus takes us as we are...for that I'm eternally blessed. Good writing.
I like the way your MC discusses her matter of fact life before she was born again.

This carries a great message. Nicely done.
Wonderful reminder of God's Amazing Grace. Well done.
God does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform, doesn't He? So many things we do/have done have the potential to destroy our lives, but it is in the sharing of stories like this, that hope finds its way into a heart and the salvation of a soul is rejoiced in heaven.
Another top class story Greg, just like we've come to expect from you.
BEAUTIFUL! I have chills. You described your story perfectly! I'm so thankful for the "powerful wallup of hope."
You did a really, really great job, Gregory.
Way to go!

HUGE Congratulations!
So well extremely well-written!. I saw the title earlier this week but just got to reading it today. Congratulations! You definitely deserved the place!
Congratulations! I was really pleased you got an EC for this one.
Gregory, I had a feeling this would place - well done on presenting this courageous, well-written document of our time.
Well done! Thank you for writing this realistic piece. It's a very important reminder.
Such a heart-wrenching story. Those of us living the American,white-surburbian life-style don't have a clue as to the woes and struggles of third-world countries. God bless all the "Augustas" of the world. The last line was powerful. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition and for the guts to "tell it like it really is." I was surprised that a guy was able to capture so well the woman's POV.
Hi, Gregory, sorry this is so late getting to you...just want to take a moment to congratulate you and to let you know I loved your story this week! Blessings.