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Oh my. I laughed knowingly at the title of this story. And I'm not even a mom yet!

It reminds me of the time I played "Bucking Bronco" with my older brother when I was 4. Only my story didn't have as nice of and ending.... I actually have a story posted on FW about it. PM me if you want to read it! :)

GREAT story. And what a GOOD idea at the very end there. ;)
This is precious. I had a clear mental image of the toddler swinging in the tree, and I felt the father's nervousness as he watched. Nicely done.
This former tree-climber can't imagine what the problem is. ;) I'm also wondering if Jeffy will actually wait til he's six to climb again. I was actually holding my breath as he climbed down, sure he was going to fall. Great read.
What I enjoyed in the story is the subtle way you brought out the "secrets" we parents keep from one another about our parenting experiences. We want to be seen as in control.
Great story.
Great title, wonderful story, sensational climax. My only quibble would be that your opening two paragraphs came across as a bit 'preachy' and as such quite dissimilar from the rest of the sparkling narrative. I appreciate you're trying to capture the voice of an inattentive male aqnd maybe some men are like this.
As an ex-children's pastor, and father of five... do people actually ask the question in the title? At that age they are 100% explorers. You story was wonderful.
Great story and as a parent of toddlers, I know the answer to the question is "a whole lot!" Well written.
The title is one of those questions you should never, NEVER ask! (I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my six-year-old to climb that tree, either...) This was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it!
A VERY fun piece. And that title? Masterful. What a kid, and what a great story.
As a non-parent, I can totally relate- I'm pretty clueless about such things. Fun and funny entry. Nice writing.
I loved this. I was trying to read it from a guys perspective and I couldn't really imagine a guy talking like this, but I just kept hearing my own voice so...there you are. Great read!
Great title, great story - and I agree, this guy deserved it! I also found that the opening paragraphs seemed to have a bit of a different voice than the rest of the entry. Spectacular ending - funny (and redeeming a bit for daddy!)
A fun read. But did it take Dad all this time to discover a toddler's waywardness? The title gave an instant idea of what to expect. I wanted to say "uh oh"... Loved his logic at the end.
Now this is writing! What a fantastic story. I could visualize my own son at that age doing a similar thing. Actually, I think he decided at about 3 years old to back up the family car into a big tree - not climb it. I noticed one thing which you probably will want to correct and that is in the first line where you say: "a very young children" (or perhaps you meant "a very young child") when I'm sure it was an oversight. I truly have enjoyed this story and it gives me a little better understanding on how to reach an audience. Great writing! Blessings to you, Laura
My oldest grandson will soon be three...I'd better ask "Papa" to cut down our pine. lol!