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Marvin should have kept reading. :) I like the dry, tongue in cheek humor of this piece, but I think it needs a little more action to offset the narration feel. JMHO. It did make me think tho, which is GOOD.

And I'm still thinking. I think I might be changing my mind about my "action" comment. I think I need to read it again. :)
Oh, this is creative. Great humor and a super message - and, of course, that last line is a KICKER.
Your writing style stands out in this piece so much. So different than I would write it...and better. You were able to balance the good/bad @ 50/50 throughout the telling and it kept me feeling uncomfortable because I wanted to offset to the good. That was strong writing. Very good, indeed.

Very interesting, and thought provoking. That statement by Jesus has always been confusing to me...maybe I have a little Marvin in me. Good (or bad) job with the topic.
So witty and clever, I enjoyed every sentence. Wonderful take on the topic.
Very creative-I loved it. Witty, humorous, and with a message too! Thanks.
Perfect! What a smooth flow from the introduction to our charming Marvin, right through to his wake. "A good time was had by all," LOL. I totally love your sense of humour and the wacky characters you create (that sometimes make me squirm in my own skin). Bravo.
Congratulations on your EC. I really enjoyed this piece. As I said on my previous comment, very thought provoking.
My oh my! This packs quite a punch to those perfectionists among us! I dodn't think I want to follow this too far. Well done for excellent writing!