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Oh, I love this wonderful story - and parable. Great descriptions. Love the characterization.
The name Grace should have clued me in that this was a take on a parable, but I'm a little slow on the uptake : )
For me (and this is just my opinion) I would have preferred a rip-snortin' western story as this had all the makings for one. Good characterization, believable plot and a good pickle of a mess go get out of.
I picked up a few drops in the way the desperado talked, such as saying ing words instead of dropping the g and sayin' in' (Does that make sense?) And, I think, from his tone, he may of said "skeered" instead of "scared" But other than that, I did enjoy this tale.
I love westerns, grew up with them. Lots of good things going on in the storytelling. Enjoyable, good message.
I enjoyed this story a lot..until I got to the end. I feel you wrapped it up too quickly with no explanation of how and why. I was also confused - did she take him to a church (her Father's house with a capital "F") or to her dad's house? I assume her dad's from the context, but the capital "F" is throwing me off and I'm not sure. I love stories from this time period and wanted to read more about this man.
Really good story! The dialogue was great and Grace was a terrific character!Certainly this story led the reader to the One and Only True Answer to all of life's difficulties. Nice work!