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I liked the question at the end of each verse, and thought the words and thoughts of the poem were very, very good.
I love the story of Hezekiah, and I think this poem characterizes him very well. You even added a Hebrew flavor to your style of poetry!

The footnote is helpful for those who do not know the story, but its size does draw attention from the poem. A simple Scripture reference would be enough - someone could look up the story if they're curious.
I like this very much. The voice of the MC is so real. It tells the story behind the story. Good and bad kings. This took a great deal of effort, and understanding of God's word.
Very good poem--the format is very creative. I agree, the footnote was a good idea for those who do not know the story. Nice job with the topic.
A heartfelt lament indeed. I like the format and the wording, and the emotional impact is staggering. I appreciated the footnote; tho I've read the kings' stories more than a few times, and even taught them to my kids in Sunday School, I still have a hard time keeping them all straight. VERY nice.
This was very well-written; I liked the way it flowed and the ending questions emphasized each verse. The way it was presented would certainly promote a re-reading of Kings. Great job!
Congratulations on your EC. So glad to see this one place.
I think this is absolutely fantastic. Such a precious gift. Thank you for such an inspiring writing piece and for sharing your Holy Spirit led writing gift with us.

Well-conceived and well-crafted. Remarkable that you did a piece on Hezekiah ... not all that common of Biblical characters, yet you gleaned such a significant theological reflection from his recorded moments with God.

Well done, good and faithful servant.