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Now don't you give Deb no ideas there!!!! Yikes! Definitely a creative take on the topic - and I found myself smiling, as I'm sure everyone else who has ever judged will do.
Mine must have been one of those that put you to sleep? LOL
Different take on this weeks topic. But, I guess "Good and Bad". Not too bad?
I think you are suggesting we should look past the initial superficial impression of "bad", no matter what it may be, to find the nugget of "good" buried within. We need to be prepared for that redemptive quality, in essays and people!
A challenge topic nightmere! LOL, this is a fun story. Good job with connecting to those of us who have experienced judging, and still explaining enough for those who might not be familiar with the challenge.
I haven't been asked to judge yet (shhh - don't tell Deb!) but I think I can understand the challenge involved in judging the challenge!

JMHO, this piece seemed a bit anti-climactic - I kind of expected a more significant ending. Good idea for the topic, though, and you draw the reader into the MC's world very well.
This is entertaining for anyone who has judged.

Creative take on the topic, although maybe just a bit "inside."

Well done.

Great take on the topic, tho I agree with the anti-climactic comment. I was smiling and nodding all the way through. I think you've given a great peek at what judging is like for someone who hasn't had the joy yet. (Glad you didn't scare them off with the Wednesday rush. ;) )
This piece certainly caught my attention. After reading it I was left wondering when did I write it? Are all judges clone copies of each other?
A very amusing take on the topic! And a reminder to look with fresh eyes at all we read.
Thanks for the interesting, behind-the-scenes look at the judging process. I admire the people who take on this responsibility from week to week. Great take on the topic! (I think I would find myself very busy with other things during a "Science and the Gospel" quarter...:))
I can't imagine how hard it is to judge- I have enough trouble just trying to read as many as I can. LOL. Thanks for the inside scoop.
I haven't been a judge yet, but I admire all those who take on such an important and daunting task!! This piece gave me more insight into the process!
I loved this! I've never done any judging but this really brought me up to speed on what it might be like. Thanks for your insight and your creative approach to this subject!
Wow, I loved your behind the scenes look at judging. It gave me a new appreciation for the judges! Well done.
I didn't find this particular topic so hard. What stumped me was week three on "Euclidean Geometry and the Dimensions of the Tabernacle" 8-)

Funny enough, for a story about judging I wasn't entirely convinced as to what the point of this drole tale was. You raise some amusing and valuable issues but I felt that your story lacked a little in the way of punch.
Well, gotta go. More research to do. Thanks for the smile.
Whoops, unusual case of unanticipated relativity. The previous comment should have had my name on it and not my wife's.
For one who hasn't gone there, it gave me a little glimpse on the inside of judging. No thrills, but a good read.