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Your excellently written and very timely story points out clearly the problems our college young people face with professors who do not believe in moral absolutes.
Oh, I love this! Very clever story!

What a hodg-podge of quick sand we find ourselves in when we reject the 'plumb-line'. Yikes.

This story really hits it home. Excellent writing--great dialogue and characterization.
Well done!
Very cogent take on the topic and I suspect a conversation that takes place in many schools every day. Very well written.
I love it!! I think the Professor got just what he assigned. I hate that I was rooting for the "bad" guy, but I was. Good job.
Enjoyed the banter, debate. On topic. I'm still trying to deal with kids saying something is "bad" when they really think it's good. When did this happen and why?
A lot to consider in your article. Good job.
Masterfully written. Good job with dialog. You raise some issues to think about.
This story hit the right spot and I think so many people need to read it. It serves to show that there are yet moral absolutes.
Thank you for sharing
Excellent work. Written Beautifully. Captures fully the essence of the topic.
Lots of food for thought here. Well written and right on the topic.