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Ooh! This is begging for more story! I want to know more about this world and the things that make her do what she does, choosing to be an outcase when you have shown that it is not easy. ^_^ good stuff.
Oh you got me with your surprising turn. I think I'd rather be with your outcast group! Creative idea!
I was really drawn in by your writing (kids can be so mean) until I got to the end. It's probably just me but I didnt' understand the Quick-pod thing. Must do some research on this. I thought your story was very well written. Good job!
Guess kids of the future are no better than the ones today. I was never one of the "in" crowd either. Good story.
How clever. It seemed so "today" until the end when you revealed it was sci-fi. Fun! Good job. Creative take on a classic struggle.
I really enjoyed this story! I could identify with your MC and it is really neat the way you ended it. I thought a q-pod was a way of renaming an i-pod until I got to the end. Well done!
A very intriguing fantasy/science fiction interpretation of the typical in-crowd/outcast divisions at a school. It would be interesting to read more about this world!
Nicely written and creative. Unfortunately the "ins" and "outs" will be around until heaven. Well done.
Well done! I enjoyed the twist. I too would love to read more of this world.
I didn't realize it was futuristic until you mentioned the hovercrafts!
I love the characterization.
Well done.
As one who always felt she was an outcast, I can attest to the freedom that comes once I realized whose I am. That knowing does change everything.
It was funny how my imagination had to regoup at the end. I wasn't envisioning a futuristic invironment. Surprising twist to an age-old problem.
Wowzers! SO out of the box. Loved this!