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LOL! Such a very realistic conversation...were you the mom or the kid? ^_^ I can relate to this and love your light portrayal of the conversations born out of peer pressure to fit in, Excellent job-and fun title!
Very Funny!! And right on the mark as far as being realistic for many teens/moms. Great job!
Very clever and creative, not to mention real. I enjoyed the entry very much.
Mothers everywhere can relate to this on target dialog. So glad the mother did not give in to the daughter--sadly too many young mothers do these days. I applaud the strength of the mom and the message this story sends. Thanks.
I loved the title. It was a good mother's day read for me. I'm thankful that I never had to have this conversation but I know many who have. But I have been called a dork by my kids a time or two.
So hilarious. I have not yet had this conversation with my daughter and hope I never do. But I had some serious laughs anyway. Thanks
Great voice on this daughter, and a very patient Mum. But what I liked best was the title! :)
This was cute, the voices were just right. They have a pretty good rapport considering mom's out.
This was nothing but dialogue and yet I could picture these two in my mind. The back and forth of "in" and "out" was hilarious.
Bang On! Awesome weaving of the topic, not just in the obvious but a little tickle at the end too. Seriously funny - in a real life way. Soooooo totally in.
Fun!!! I have six daughters and can totally relate.