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Breathtaking descriptions! Simply lovely! I just immersed myself into this strange, beautiful world only to find that it was on earth and so very real. Wonderful! Felt like a dream, reading this.
Wonderful!! If I could only write with such power! I was reading through the entries looking for one to "make my day", I was not too impressed until I read this.
Just awesome.
Every now and then I read an entry that is so powerful, it makes me want to put my own pen away. This is one of those.
Excellent imagery. Lovely writing.
Lovely, almost haunting story with its artistically written descriptions that placed me on the sea with Tobias! Very masterful writing! :)
My goodness--this is magnificent. From beginning to end, a spectacular piece of writing.
I had to borrow from Lisa-- I'm speechless. Bravo!!
Magnificent writing. Absolutely breathtaking.
Eloquent! This is what they mean by "poetry in motion." Your prose flowed beautifully. It had a rhythm and melody to it that was lovely to read. I especially liked your description of the billfish rising from the water. Thank you for sharing. (You consistently do a remarkable job when it comes to mastering imagery and descriptions. HOW do you do it? Care to share this with us in lesson form perhaps?)
Masterfully and beautifully done...The imagery was incredible!
Amazing. Just simply amazing. I am blown away. Gorgeous writing.
I had to read this over and over-I couldn't leave!
Such beauty poured out through your words, oh my goodness. Like a brush and tubes of oil paints each sentence filled the canvas of our minds with a mixture of color and emotion. It eloquently splashed us with the mystery of the sea and the majestic creations that dwelled beneath.
I felt as if I was riding in the boat with the boy, feeling his pain, and taking in the environment around. Wonderful lesson. I am sitting in awe marveling at our Creator's beauty and the gifts he gives us to glorfiy his name. Simply breath taking!! Praise God!
Wow. Your descriptions are incredible. Beautiful writing. Excellent.
This is a masterpiece.
Simply and eloquently beautiful! So VERY very well-written!
Well written story filled with marvelous descriptions. Your MC's memories and emotions beautifully portrayed. Only one tiny typo - Rising above the sea, sixteen feet form bill to tail. I think this should have been "from" and not "form". I'd love to read more of this story, it has potential for a much longer tale.
Wow. I really can't comment, because I was left speechless. Wow!
Beautifully descriptive! I was in the boat and watching for the great fish myself.